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Venus V-line PDO Thread

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Venus V-line (PDO) lifting thread.




By 10 ~ 30 minutes of procedure, you will have beautiful and V-line jaw line

We use the absorbing thread so if we process in a certain direction, then it creates

mesh between the threads and also increases pulling effects and creation of

collagen on the dermis of the skin to present overall line formation, skin elastic,

brighter skin and V-line jaw

This is breakthrough procedure to remove aging on forehead, around eyes and

mouth without any scar and to bring out the body lines V-line on the jaw,

breast, hip, calf and nose.

You may return to your ordinary life immediately after the procedure and you will

find your beautiful look without anyone noticing




Mono Type :

With using PDO USP 5-0,6-0,7-0 thread, it is helpful for skin reproduction, improvement of superficial wrinkles, elasticity maintenance, and bright skin enhancement due to collagenesis.


Screw Type

PDO USP 5-0,6-0,7-0 thread is coiled as screw shape on a needle of injection syringe and it is helpful for skin lifting and skin improvement to elastic and clean skin color.


Twin Type

By insulting two twisted pieces of PDO USP 6-0,7-0 tread into the layer of SMAS, the maintenance period is longer than mono type and it is helpful for collagen reproduction, skin reproduction, maximization of anti-wrinkles and elasticity maintenance.


Twin Screw Type

By forming two twisted pieces of PDO USP 6-0,7-0 thread onto the needle as screw shape, it is helpful for improvement of superficial wrinkles, elasticity maintenance due to collagen and elastic fiber production, and skin lifting for mild case.


Cog Type :

Cog is formed by 360 degree rotation around PDO USP 3-0,0-0 thread as clumped shape. Based on loose face contour, skin elasticity and the amount of muscle, Vector Lifting is suitable for fixation of face and facial asymmetry. cog is functioned as a pulling agent that pulls the skin upward by embedded under the layer of skin and it is expected to have the effect of firming face and immediate feeling of pulling skin.



We hope your business flourishes more and more by using our PDO.


We highly regard good relationship with our partners and guarantee the quality of the product.


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Venus V_line PDO Thread

Venus V_line PDO Thread

Venus V_line PDO Thread

Venus V_line PDO Thread

Venus V_line PDO Thread