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Venus V Line PDO Cog Thread Blunt L Type

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Venus V-Line Cog PDO Thread


When you closely look at the thread. it has cogs and they act to hold the skin like hook when the thread is pulled and if fix the skin to the desired direction.


Cogged thread is the most powerful type for specific purpose like lifting of sagging jaws and nasolabial folds by fixing the skin and therefore this cogged thread is the most suitable for jaw line lifting


Cogged thread with needle mounted type

Minimal invasive surgical procedure using PDO suture

Main purpose : antiaging, removing wringkle and forming V-line 

Anesthesia : local (Lidocane injection) or Sleeping anethesia

Absorbable unlike existing threads


Result of procedure

Form V-line jaw and remove wrinkles

Effectively increase collagen on the skin

Maintain elastic and smooth skin

Turn to brighter and clearer complexion